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Warm up poster for your wall

If you are anything like me, warming up before exercise does not come naturally.

That is why workout videos with integrated warm ups (and cool downs) are so darn good.

When that is not the case, I feel lost trying to warm up without any guidance. Which is why I took time to review a ton of warm up routines and create my own.

I have included 2 versions for you to use, one with equipment (including a TRX suspension trainer, elastic band, pull-up bar and kettlebell), and one without.

Many of these exercises are self explanatory, but here is some guidance for some that may be less obvious:

  • Open / close the gates – stand up and move one knee up to a right angle, then move it outwards to stretch your groin.
  • Hand to opposite toe – move your leg up straight and try to touch your toe. A bit like John Cleese in the ministry of funny walks, but without going anywhere.
  • Band pull apart – the key difference to most guides is to have your palms facing upwards


  1. Print
  2. Stick on wall
  3. Never forget to warm up again

Warm Up Chart (no equipment)

Warm up poster
Click here for your own PDF warm up poster

Warm Up Chart (with equipment)

Warm Up Chart (with equipment)
Click here for your own PDF warm up chart



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay