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The ULTIMATE Tough Mudder training guide

So, you have signed-up for a fearsome-sounding mud run, eh? Wondering why on Earth you agreed to it?

The first time I did one of these events, I trained hard. I was scared of flopping over in a crumpled heap half way through, my course mates having to carry my broken body back to the car park. I looked up various programs online and devised an over-complicated weekly routine.

What a waste of time that was. There were the obvious fringe benefits of doing all this stuff. Namely, getting fitter. But I needn’t have bothered spending time and effort researching training methods.

In the end, the course itself was rather easy (apart from dunking your head into a ice bath twice). It made me realise that there are just 2 key components, the rest is flim-flam.

So, here is the ultimate guide to preparing for a Tough Mudder event:

1. Go running
2. Do pull-ups

Erm…that’s it.

You’re welcome.