You are currently viewing Bored of your regular workout? Get our FREE HIIT cards!!

Bored of your regular workout? Get our FREE HIIT cards!!

We’ve all been there. Your regular exercise pattern is feeling jaded. You are going through the motions.

You need something different.

Enter our FREE HIIT cards, the perfect shot in the arm for your workouts.

Experience the ultimate low-tech fitness system. And I mean LOW TECH. Which means, they work.

Simply print, cut out and get a different workout every time using our gloriously simple cards, featuring over 30 exercises! The very epitome of frugal fitness.

Just sign up to our newsletter and they are yours to keep forever.

Each card features an exercise. It could be jumping jacks, burpees, push ups, plank or any one of 30+ moves, rated beginner to advanced. Turn the card over, do what it says. Simple.

As a bonus extra, we’ve included a set of HOW MUCH?? cards, telling you how many reps to perform or how long to go for (eg 10 reps, 30 seconds – common sense required.)

You could use them as a full length workout at home, circuit training at the gym or even in a hotel room. Or, use them to break up a monotonous strength workout. It’s up to you.

No more waiting for WiFi to load a workout video. No more clicking through the latest exercise app only to find you have to sign up to the pro version. No more waiting for circuit training next Tuesday at the leisure centre.

Simply warm up, grab the cards and get it done.

Just another step on the path to stingy fitness.

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