You are currently viewing 4 of the best FREE guided warm-up fitness videos

4 of the best FREE guided warm-up fitness videos

Remember at school PE lessons when a warm-up consisted of holding static stretches in the cold? Thankfully times have changed after some bright spark realised it is probably a good idea to WARM UP during your warm up. In an effort to save you both time and tendons, we’ve scoured the land for some of the best free warm-up videos.

As the pros will tell you, warm ups should be tailored to the type of activity you are doing. But after a long day of work / school / kids, you don’t want to think about it. For most, a mixture of light cardio and dynamic stretches does the job, and our list doesn’t disappoint.

Tip: create a playlist in YouTube and call it “Warm Up”. Add these videos to it and avoid faffing around searching for a warm up. Alternatively check out Mr Stingy’s Warm-up playlist on YouTube:

1. 5 minute warm up for at-home workouts, Nicole Pearce

A couple of minutes of light cardio followed by 3 minutes of dynamic stretches for the whole body. No equipment needed.

  • Jump rope
  • Jumping jacks
  • Butt kickers
  • High knees
  • Alternating back lunge
  • Lunge floor twist
  • Squats
  • Sumo squat – shoulder dip
  • Cross-body toe touch
  • Hip circles to lunge
  • Open and close arms
  • Arm circles

2. TRX 5 minute total body warm up #2, Shortcircuits Fitness

One of the best things about using a TRX to warm up is you activate different parts of the body at once, making you more efficient with your time. This 5 minute vid takes full advantage of this, with little transition time between moves. This could double up as a short workout for beginners.

The gentle, soothing nature of trainer Marsha Hughes is oddly juxtaposed against up-tempo dance music, but this it remains a great way to revv up before any workout.

  • X back lunge
  • Hip hinge
  • Side lunge knees up
  • Side stretch
  • Overhead back extension
  • Roll out / push up
  • Low row
  • Lo Jack

3. How to warm up before a HIIT session (5 min), The Body Coach TV

Everyone’s favourite mockney Joe Wicks shouts us through a great general purpose warmup. No equipment needed.

  • Walk to plank
  • Plank to spider
  • Back side to side
  • Knee hug back roll
  • Sumo squat to frog
  • Cross body toe touch
  • Arm circles back and forwards
  • Knee up, lunge and twist

4. Dynamic warm up routine follow along, Redefining Strength

An awesome dynamic, fast-paced warm up, working every plane of motion. Instructor Cory explains the reason behind each move. Recommended for intermediate and above.

  • Leg swings forward and back, left and right, rotational
  • Dynamic squat stretch
  • Squat knee rotation
  • Side lunges, runners lunge to hamstring stretch
  • Cross body toe touch
  • Floor wrist stretch
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Elbow to floor and up
  • Camel bridge
  • Table top bridge
  • Plank with reach out and back