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REVIEW: Kat Musni Fitness YouTube Channel

Kat Musni Fitness

At a glance:

Suitable for: Newbie to advanced

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Typical equipment: Bodyweight (none), kettlebell, dumbbells

Cost: FREE

Warm up: Included

Cool down: Included



Exercising shouldn’t be a chore. It should be fun. And if you find someone who makes it fun, that is a good thing.

The Kat Musni Fitness channel on YouTube has been around since 2014 and at the time of writing there are 300+ workout videos to choose from. And they are FREE. The videos are suitable for anyone from newbie to the more advanced – as Kat herself point out, it’s about progress not perfection.

Workouts are typically 25-35 minutes in length and often incorporate HIIT and strength moves throughout, with the occasional geeky pop culture reference thrown in for good measure. Some workouts require no equipment whatsoever; for others you will need dumbbells or a kettlebell. Every move has an easier, modified version for the beginner.

If you are the sort of person who often forgets to warm up or cool down, you will be pleased to hear that warm ups and cool downs are included in every video I have tried. Look out for the oddly calming glockenspiel music that accompanies each cool down.

A key component of any home fitness video is it needs to be motivating. The best program in the world won’t hold your interest for long if it is boring. This is where these videos excel- there are no production values to speak of, but the instructor is endearing and fun without being annoying: a fine balance that many paid-for programs sorely lack.

Another reason I like these workout videos so much is the sheer variety of exercise moves on offer. The same moves are rarely repeated within the same workout, and if they are, it is for good reason (e.g. moving from one leg to another, or for tabata workouts where 20 seconds of one exercise doesn’t feel like it is enough). This variety gives an element of surprise which I feel keeps me on my toes from one moment to the next, as opposed to repeating the same patterns over and over again which can get boring in other exercise videos. It doesn’t seem like a haphazard collection of moves however; each workout feels like it has been carefully thought out.

Oh, and Kat likes cats. Expect a congratulatory RAWWRRR at the end of every video.

Pet the kitty!


I should point out that I have no ulterior motive in posting reviews. I don’t get any kick-backs, cos, well, it’s YouTube. All I ask is an occasional share on social media and your undying loyalty.


Motivation: 9/10

Workout Quality: 9/10

Variety: 9/10


Perfectly balanced cardio and strength delivered with a unique personality.
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