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REVIEW: Fat Down Muscle Up (FMDX) YouTube Channel

Coach Sim from FMDX

At a glance:

Suitable for: Intermediate - advanced

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Typical equipment: TRX suspension trainer, dumbbells, bodyweight

Cost: FREE

Warm up: Separate

Cool down: Separate

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Our next video review focuses on one of the best pieces of fitness equipment known to mankind: the TRX (aka suspension trainer or strap trainer). For the uninitiated, a suspension trainer is not a weird S&M device, although one could imagine it causes as much pain. I wouldn’t know, obviously. Simply put, it is 2 straps with handles at the end, fixed to an anchor point such as a wall / ceiling, or hooked over a door. Exercises performed have the added bonus of being a bit wobbly (that is the technical term), which in turn makes your core feel like it has some uninvited acupuncture needles lodged inside.

Enter one of the best proponents of the suspension trainer workout video genre, if such a thing exists: Coach Sim of Fat Down Muscle Up Fitness (FMDX).

Coach Sim of FMDX
Less fat, more muscle is his game.

Videos are typically 30 minutes in duration and involve Coach Sim watching himself doing the workouts while providing commentary and motivation. His staple is using the TRX suspension trainer in every conceivable way; each exercise is typically done for time, in groups of 2-4 which are repeated, rest, then move on to the next group. He really goes for it, he will knacker himself out half way through a set while his on-screen persona laughs at himself.

The videos themselves do not include warm ups or cools downs so you will need to do these before and after the main event.

FMDX shouder workout thumbnail
It may be a good idea to warm up before attempting THIS.

As the majority of workouts involve using a TRX they can seem a little repetitive, so it is worthwhile mixing this up with something else. Coach Sim does have some body weight and dumbbell workouts if you search around- there is plenty to choose from with hundreds of videos. His channel has been around since 2016 and adds 2-3 new ones every week.

Earlier versions of the videos featured a klaxon sound announcing the beginning and end of each set. This, combined with Coach Sim’s take no s**t attitude and stock R&B backing music gives the videos a macho feel, which has been toned down slightly since swapping the klaxon for a less cortisone-inducing bleepy sound.

One of the best things about FMDX are the legendary pep talks that Coach Sim gives at the end (and often throughout) the workouts. Just because you are in the safety of your living room doesn’t mean he can’t reach out and grab you by the scruff of the neck to admonish your mortal feebleness. This is a guy who understands that exercise is 99% motivation.

Talks with Coach Sim of FMDX
I hope I didn’t see you click on that “5 tips for fat loss” advert


Motivation: 9/10

Workout Quality: 8/10

Variety: 8/10


Killer strength and cardio sessions using the TRX suspension trainer, with motivational pep talks thrown in. Not for absolute beginners.
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