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Fitness App Reviews

The first fitness app I ever downloaded quickly found itself in my phone’s trash.


What was billed as an interactive app turned out to be a few links to online videos hosted elsewhere. How disappointing. Extra features were allegedly hidden behind a paywall, but there was no way I was going to spend my hard earned 79p on something that may be a dud.

So next time I did my homework and read the reviews in the App Store.

But I hit on a snag.

It is nigh on impossible to judge the value of an app based on the reviews alone. If you have downloaded anything from an App Store you will know the perils of the customer review:

  • Fake positive reviews posted by developers
  • Fake negative reviews posted by their rivals
  • People using reviews as a technical support (1 star review because the app crashed)

So you enter the realm of trial and error. Maybe you will get lucky. Maybe you will be disappointed.

Phone smashed with a hammer
And maybe you will be hammer-crazy.

Enter the Stingy fit app reviews: your trusted source of honest, independent fitness app opinion and rating.

Don’t waste time trawling through reviews – ours give you the lowdown on what matters:

Ease of use

Is it simple to use or do you spend hours faffing around with settings? The lower the number of clicks to get to your workout, the better the score. No one wants to spend 20 minutes standing in ath-leisure gear fiddling around with a phone.

Workout Quality

How good is the actual thing you came here for in the first place?

Free Features

We would be remiss if we didn’t point out how much you can blag for free. Many apps have adopted the freemium model where you get a taste of the good stuff for free to entice you into buying a subscription.


Does the app persuade you to come back again and again? Are you inspired to up your game, run faster, lift heavier, train more intensely, become more flexible? Motivation comes in many forms, and can be as basic as a nice looking, well designed app with decent features, or as complex as a reward based system.

Strength – Cardio gauge

The trusty stradiometer gives an indication of balance across these elements.


What about graphics / production values?

These are important for games. But are they intrinsically important to a fitness app? I would argue that this is ultimately linked to how the app motivates you. If it looks good, this is a factor that influences how likely you are to want to use the app again. It’s not an end in itself, but a reason to come back and exercise.

Never regret a download again.

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